Crawley Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic
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The Pinnacle, Station Way, Crawley, RH10 1JH
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Mon - Sunday: 8AM - 6PM

Our Vision

We Believe in Movement. That movement matters to us all. The movements we are required to do to complete our daily tasks, and the movements we want to do for our hobbies, interests and passions. And we believe there should be nothing that stops you from completing these movements pain free.

Our Philosophy

Our fundamental philosophy for Tavistock Clinic is 'Believe in Movement'. 

By this we mean we believe in the body's ability to recover, repair and rebuild changes that may have occurred in the body due to varied reasons in order to improve physical movement and thus being able to complete the activities we want to complete.

Under this umbrella, we recognise the importance of: physiotherapist education, an authentic passion for the profession, developing functional goals with clients and choosing modalities of treatment based on the results wanted. 

Our Mission

Limited movement caused by pain, stiffness, injury, falls, too much sitting or otherwise can be reduced, eliminated and prevented with physiotherapy and we aim to provide this to the best of our ability. 

Functional Goals are Priority 

If your lower back hurts and it's bothering you because you want to be able to play your sport or pick up your child, that becomes our aim for your treatment. You live a unique life that involves unique activities that we want to help you get back to. That's your goal, therefore that's our goal. 

Required Clinical Sessions

We understand that physiotherapy is an investment in both your time and money. Therefore we want to bring you into our clinic for treatment that we physically need to be with you for, to assist you in reaching your goals. A sheet of exercises does not require you to travel to us. But physical assessment, hands on treatment and guided exercise therapy does. We balance these different treatment options diligently to ensure you are investing in us and we are investing in you the best we can.



Our Therapists

Kulraj Singh

Kulraj Singh


I opened Tavistock Clinic in 2017 after 4.5 years of private practice in MSK (musculosekeltal) physiotherapy. An avid sports enthusiast since a young child...

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