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first physiotherapy clinic to accept bitcoin in uk

We Now Accept Bitcoin As Payment At Our Physiotherapy Clinic


I am proud to announce that our physiotherapy clinic in Crawley will be the first physiotherapy practice in the UK to accept bitcoin as payment for its services.


I have chosen to do this on a backdrop of what I consider deeply concerning monetary policy implemented by the UK government over the past 18 months which has devalued the British Pound and led to palpable consumer price inflation. 


Bitcoin has strengthened in value since its inception, and due to its programmatic and immutable monetary policy it is not subject to political interference.


As a physiotherapist I attain deep meaning in my career and I enjoy the work I do, but the longevity of my career, as with any self employed working individual in this country, depends on the ability to exchange the services I provide with a value mechanism that can be stored and used to purchase, at the very least, the same value in the future.

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should you stretch before exercise

Should You Stretch Before Exercise? A Data-Driven Answer


Although it is a practice all fitness enthusiasts undertake, stretching before intensive exercise has often been an underlooked topic of interest.

We all know that preparing oneself physically before working out is essential, to prevent injury and to perform at our peak level.

We often scrutinise how to perform our workouts most efficiently, to get the best results we could obtain.

Rarely, however, do we scrutinise our warm-up and stretching routine.

This article aims to shed some light on what the scientific literature has to say about stretching as a means for an effective pre-workout warm-up, to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

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