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I opened Tavistock Clinic in 2017 after 4.5 years of private practice in MSK (musculosekeltal) physiotherapy. An avid sports enthusiast since a young child, I took a deep interest in human anatomy and function and became particular interested in injury prevention and rehabilitation. At the time, it was simply a matter of 'how can I play this sport I love so much as much as physically possible without having to stop due to injury'. Still to this day I am fascinated by the human structure and function. Having always wanted to work in the healthcare industry (health being a personal priority) I wanted to combine my interest in health and sports in away that could be of true productive value to society. Physiotherapy became a perfect solution for me.

I was fortunate enough to have studied Physiotherapy BSc at King's College London, graduating in 2011. I absolutely loved my degree and the university I studied at. I studied with amazing people, many of which have gone on to do wonderful things with their career.

My first physiotherapy job was working for the largest private physiotherapy provider in the UK. I would frequently treat  between 18-23 patients per day and every injury I treated was related to muscle, joint or bone conditions. Although unplanned, this accidentally (but I wouldn't have had it any other way) caused me to treat multiple thousands of patients in a very short period of time. The learning curve was challenging, but it was a rare and unique opportunity which felt compelled to complete. I treated more patients in this specialist area over 4 years than many people do in 10+ years of working in a hospital. By 2017, I felt confident to open my own clinic, which I knew would allow me to see less clients but provide a much higher quality of service, which was my only sticking point when I was employed.


Place: Canary Islands 

Restaurant/Cafe: Sage Cafe, Crawley

Food: Indian (any surprise?) 

Holiday: Again, Canary Islands

City: London

TV show: Money Heist

Film: 3 Idiots

Singer/Group: Michael jackson

Celebrity: None that come to mind

Book: Be As You Are by Ramana Maharshi

Sports: Martial Arts

Hobbies: Long walks, all sports, martial arts, dance, technology and music. 

Physiotherapy Qualifications

 Charted Society of Physiotherapy 
 Health & Care Professions Council

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