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I have been experiencing very bad knee pain since January and my gp said there is nothing wrong with it. Was self referred to a physio centre where I got no response since August so I decided to look for an alternative solution. I found Kulraj's website and made an enquiry. It only took him a few minutes and exam to find out there's some problem with my ligament and started the treatment. After 5 appointment and home excercises my knee feels much better and took 90% of the pain await without using any painkillers. Strongly recommended!

Thanks for getting me up and running again. My neck pain was debilitating & after a few sessions improved significantly.

Following A few more sessions and exercises I’m mobile and much closer to normal. Thanks again for your help. My recovery continues.



Nice place and a really good therapist! They gave me quick help in short notice. After working as a waitress and lifting heavy things had really bad upper back pain and were unable to fully lift anything until I saw the therapist. Thank you so much for my therapist for helping me to recover!



Kulraj is very friendly and we always have a good chat during appointments. He is flexible to your personal schedule for appts and I have noticed an improvement in my leg since coming. Would definitely recommend!



Went here for some work on my knee after a football injury. Kulraj was very friendly and the treatment comes with great conversation! Gave lots of helpful advice and really knows what he's talking about. Would definitely recommend!



I went from being in constant pain to pain free in just over a month. Kulraj spotted what was wrong with me on the initial assessment and put forward a plan to help me. Not only is the pain gone, but I'm able to move my shoulders more freely than before. I am very grateful to Kulraj for his ability to spot and solve my issues so quickly. I would recommend anyone thinking about seeing a physio to contact the Tavistock Clinic.



Responded very quickly to my initial enquiry (unlike other clinics I contacted). Kulraj was great. He advised me how many sessions he believed the treatment would take, provided excellent treatment during each session and advised simple but effective exercises to do at home between appointments. Issue improved significantly over 5 sessions and now pain free.



Awesome place clean up to date and certified.



Had a great experience with Tavistock Clinic! Kulraj was very helpful and really helped with the recovery of my neck and shoulder pain. Would definitely recommend!



Excellent physiotherapist in Crawley - highly recommended!



Great Physio! Had a knee problem and managed to get back to pain free running within 6 weeks. After communicating my goals with Mr Singh, he made a personalised plan based on my specific needs. Would highly recommend



I am so grateful that I found the Tavistock Clinic in the midst of the pandemic, when it has been so difficult to find face to face support for physical challenges. I saw Kulraj regularly from February-July 2021 for support with terrible shoulder pain, which turned out to be a frozen shoulder. Understanding the problem, learning how to help myself through home exercises, and seeing Kulraj regularly for extra work on my shoulder made all the difference. Although I am still on the journey of recovery, my shoulder is much better now. Kulraj was very responsive and available, which is what I needed, and worth every penny of the £50 fee. Can't recommend Tavistock Clinic enough.



Have had two sessions with Kulraj and he has really helped loosen up what has been a problematic neck/shoulder/ back. Very friendly and would highly recommend.



Very friendly and welcoming. My back is already feeling much better 👍.

Covid compliant.



Kulraj was kind enough to stay late the day following my injury to provide me with prompt physiotherapy which completely solved my problem! Couldn’t recommend him enough!



I would highly recommend the Tavistock Clinic and Kulraj in particular. I suffered a severe dislocated ankle fracture in February and began to see Kulraj in March. I was in an airboot and using crutches and with Kulraj's help I began walking independently a few weeks later. He has been very helpful and I would recommend him to anyone seeking an experienced physiotherapist.



I am happy to recommend Kulraj if you need a physiotherapist.
I had a back pain where I had somehow injured my back to the point where I had little movement. Kulraj very quickly and effectively eased the pain to the point that I regained movement after the first visit, and then over subsequent visits he worked on the affected area to help ease the pain and strengthen the muscle. I felt that Kulraj was not “milking” the appointments and keeping me going back longer than necessary.
As well as the main point of my review, that he is an effective physiotherapist, Kulraj is easy to talk to and the sessions were relaxed and comfortable.
If you need a physiotherapist in Crawley, I can definitely recommend Tavistock Clinic.



This was a great experience thank you for all you have done to help me. And thank you for always being available to see me, keep up the friendly service.



Great physio! Came with a back issue left with no issues it was brilliant can’t recommend enough!



Kulraj at Tavistock Clinic helped me rehabilitate an injury that has been nagging at me for years. I'd had physio on an injured shoulder previously, but was hesitant to go again as I didn't feel that it helped. Kulraj was recommended to me by a training partner and he immediately struck me as different to my prior experience of physiotherapy - he accepted that I was not likely to stop engaging in the training that caused the injury, but rather wanted to work through it so that I could get back to doing what I enjoyed. With other physiotherapists the recommendation was to simply avoid certain activities, which is not realistic or helpful. The exercises that Kulraj gave me to work on between our sessions helped to relax and strengthen the joint, and our appointments were hands on working through sticking points. He is a joy to work with and was open about when he felt our sessions had been successful and I no longer needed to come regularly, rather than continuing to take money for diminishing returns. I would happily recommend Kulraj to training partners and friends, and would use him again in the future if the need arises.



Recently visited Kulraj for some treatment on a groin and quad injury. Was really impressed with how quickly he identified the real issue and helped me get fit again to finish off the season! Would highly recommend!



This was the first time I’ve ever visited a physiotherapist due to repetitive shoulder/arm pain. I was a tad nervous as I was unsure what to expect.

Kulraj greeted me as I stepped out of the lift and instantly put me at ease, he is extremely friendly and knowledgable, I explained where my pain was, he listened and explained what happened and what was needed. I opted for an hours treatment... I left pain free with full range of movement. He is amazing and I felt completely at ease, I totally recommend him, best money I’ve spent in along time. Felt like I floated out of the clinic. Thank you Kulraj fantastic service



Going to Kulraj was one of the best decisions! From having a quite severe quad injury and having no more then 5 appointments, he’s a managed to get me functioning to full mobility with the help of his deep tissue massages and the home stretches he gave me! Would highly recommend



Extremely professional and friendly service. I was late for my appointment, but Kulraj still kindly added the time on at the end. A please to talk to and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him again.



Kulraj Was great help and got me back in time for football, gave me exercises to do everyday which proved to be a massive help, each session helped massively to get back to 100% with my injury. Would recommend to anyone who has had a sports related injury.



Kulraj was really helpful in fixing a long standing injury I’ve had on my shoulder. The clinic is within an easy to find building with parking.
I’m looking forward to getting back to playing my sport without any pain - I highly recommend Tavistock Clinic for any sort of physio you may need.



Good spot for a sports massage



Fantastic guy!...Friendly and Worked magic on what I thought was only going to be a surgical fix!, would definitely be my first choice if I had any other issues!.

Thanks again Kulraj



I had a few injury concerns, so I called Kulraj and arranged a consultation face to face. I told him of my injuries my back and ankles so we set out a 5 session programme. After my 1st visit I was given exercises to do which I do daily and gave some detailed feedback to Kulraj on every session there after. I went for 5 appointments and the improvement with the treatment and exercises I am now running pain free. KULRAJ is very professional and I will return if I suffer any injuries in the future.



Great physio! I came with a pain in the lower part of my back due to many hours working at home in the same position, and Kulraj managed to improve my situation within just few sessions.
I still continue to receive a massage once a month as it really helps me to adjust my back and make me feel better.
Definitely would recommend Tavistock Clinic for any back or neck issue.



Great experience! Talked through everything really well and sent me videos of workouts to do that will help. Recommended to a friend who is currently seeing him as well!



Kul Raj is an amazing guy. Very friendly,knowledgeable and gives 100 percent every treatment. I had tennis elbow and Kulraj helped relieve the symptoms with hands on massage . Affordable rates and definataly worth trying out.

Dinosaur Fitness


Kulraj is a very experienced physio having dealt with many clients with injuries who have been involved in collisions. He really helped my husband with his shoulder injury which he sustained whilst cycling. Would definitely recommend him. Parking is also very easy and convenient.



Highly recommended, and will go back in the future if problems arise. Started with knee pain and reduced mobility. And through the course of a few session, I am now pain free. Knowledgeable and professional treatments backed up with home exercise has got me back on my feet.



Highly recommended. Sorted my knee pain over the course of a few sessions. Gave me exercises to do myself at home and followed up with me throughout my treatment. Really friendly and welcoming, with great communication. Thanks!



Very good service, everything well explained, good facilities and easy parking.



Kulraj is a skilled and professional physio who assisted me with an LCL strain. Weekly sessions plus diligent follow up in email between sessions assist me with gaining more movement, better alignment and generally moving in a positive direction, enabling rehab on the injury. Friendly, kind and positive. I recommend working with Kulraj!



After a car crash last july i came to see kulraj who assessed the injury very quickly and professionally. He then put a plan in place and got to work quickly. After just a few sessions my back was great. Was always very professional and greeted you with a smile. Would definitely recommend to anybody.



I was treated for an issue with my right shoulder, where I struggled to drive without any pain. Within 2 sessions I began to notice a difference. Within just 5 sessions the pain had almost vanished and I had full range of motion again. I couldn’t recommend this physiotherapist highly enough.



I can recommend it with full trust. Very quick service. Appointments available even on the same day. I received help which I needed.



Best place for physio and getting treated thanks to the great Dr Kulraj Singh 💯🙌🏾
Felt much better after my accident



I had Kulraj for my physio and he was great. He listed to my needs and made physio a pleasant experience. He was always on time for appointments too which is always helpful. Would defo recommend.



Kulraj was very knowledgeable, professional and flexible to my schedule – highly recommended to anyone looking for physio.



Kulraj helped me to recover from both ankle and knee injuries, and I've never hesitated to ever go back for another session. Highly recommended.



I found trying to find the right treatment for my back very difficult but was very grateful that I found Kulraj he asset the problem quickly and started treatment right away, friendly and professional.



I felt very comfortable with Kulraj from the very first moment we made contact. Within a very short time my symptoms improved with massage from Kulraj and stretches advised.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kulraj and he would be the first person I call in the future should the need arise.



Was recommended to Kulraj for some physio following experiencing pain in wrist and back following a cycling accident. Having had therapy from a couple of other physios it was a breath of fresh air to see Kulraj try out different approaches which actually worked in easing the discomfort I have been experiencing. Certainly recommend and will use again.



I received really good treatment and advice from Kulraj at the Tavistock clinic after visiting with back pain. Would thoroughly recommend.



Very professional, undoubtedly experienced and talented, generous flexibility with appointments and I am healed. Thank you Kulraj.



Friendly & professional service, would recommend to others.



Kulraj is a great guy! Really knows his stuff and fills you with confidence. Asks the right questions and gets to work on helping you get back to whatever it is you love doing. Highly recommend.



I would very highly recommend Kulraj for any physio. He does an excellent job, is very professional, friendly and welcoming. 5/5 - can't recommend highly enough.



I had six weeks of physio with Kulraj after being in a car accident. My neck and back are much better now and I feel confident that I can start playing football again. He is extremely professional, I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of physio. Thanks again Kulraj.



After visiting some physiotherapists in the area, Kulraj gave me the best assessment and treatment. I feel much better and will come back if I need it again. I recommend it.



I had several sessions with kulraj at the clinic. Each session was both productive and greatly improved my injury.

I would highly recommend and will be returning for any future treatment.



10/10. Excellent advise and quick diagnosis of a problem that had been bothering me for weeks due to the inappropriate exercise given by NHS Pysio. Kulraj’s service is very friendly and his works is very professional. Can already see positive results from the hands on work, Exercise and suggestions given. The good news is he send the personalised exercise video to your email. If you have any doubts during your own practice you can watch it. Would thoroughly recommend to any person seeking treatment of complicated lower back pain or Disc issues.
#PysioCrawley #Lowerbackpain #SportsInjuries



Kulraj is a very friendly and welcoming professional. I’ll admit, I didn’t have high hopes due to previous physio not helping a spinal issue I had but he did absolute wonders for my neck. In just five sessions, I no longer wake in the night and have much more movement without pulling or pain. I would 100% recommend the Tavistock Clinic!



Been in with kulraj a number of times now, very knowledgeable, done great work on my shoulders after ongoing longterm chronic pain, helping release them and improve ROM... plus hes a really sound bloke



Kulraj was excellent! Very hands on and really concentrates and hones in on the areas you have problems with. Unlike other physiotherapists who I've heard just get you to do exercises yourself for the entire session. Gave good, clear advice for what to do in between appointments. Very responsive and gets back to you promptly. Would definitely recommend!



Very helpful and friendly would recommend



I developed a very painful neck because of sleeping with too many pillows and awoke one morning with excruciating pain. After a couple of sessions with Kulraj and some good advice my neck pain has gone.



Best Physio, nice and friendly. All problems solved!!

Vimal PC


(Translated by Google) A physiotherapist worth recommending. Professional and competent. I was very happy with his work.



Kulraj is a very friendly and welcoming physio and really seems to know his stuff. My daughter and I both went to see him about different foot issues which he dealt with in different ways. He made us feel very comfortable and gave us advice and links to videos we could watch to continue our excersizes between visits and after the treatment was over. From my experience I would receive do him to a friend without hesitation.



Had a really good experience at Tavistock Clinic, they were very friendly and after taking the advice I was given I haven’t had any more problems with my ankle 🙂 Would definitely recommend!



I have received fantastic care from Kulraj since coming to him with a calf injury sustained whilst running. He is very welcoming and knowledgeable. Above all else he has got me back out there doing what I love earlier than the expected return date.
I have received regular emails from kulraj personally, recommending exercises to do at home to speed up recovery, the majority of these I will keep in my training plans.
Most notably I have received a full and detailed return to competition training plan which in my opinion, goes well beyond the expected level of assistance.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Kulraj!



I got referred to Kulraj Singh for my accident where someone hit the back of me. I first came in and had 8 treatments I could not move my neck as I was so stiff and sore. Kulraj is very happy person, easy to talk to in any conversation, really professional and always on time. I feel amazing now I am back to normal means alot to me and if it was not for Kulraj being so accomadating I would still be suffering now. I enjoy coming for phsio due to every step is a positve way up. Great guy,kind,caring,understanding and great with diffrent techniques for physio and really does make you feel 100% back to normal again!
Thanl you so much highly recommended!!



"I was referred to Kulraj after my accident. I received a course of treatment and he has helped me a lot. My shoulder and neck have settled down and I’m no longer in pain. I would definitely recommend him".



"I was referred to Kulray at the Tavistock Clinic as a result of a vehicle accident. I received a course of physio therapy that has helped me enormously. He made me feel relaxed and engaged with the course of therapy in a friendly and professional manner. Now my sessions have come to an end I can feel the difference and would say that he is an excellent physio-therapist. Would recommend highly".



"Great guy and knows his stuffs and willing to compromise for the clients for their benefits".



"Visited Kulraj after suffering acute pain. Within a month I was no longer taking medication and had improved movement within my shoulder and reduced the grinding within the socket. Can not recommend him highly enough. Thank you".

TP Grigg


"Tavistock Clinic Physiotherapy in Crawley has helped me understand the cause of my knee pain and gave me specific exercises to help improve my function and movement".



"I visited the physiotherapy clinic after a car accident from which i was in pain for a few months. After a few therapies my neck and back pains have lessened. After the 5th physiotherapy i'm finally free of my pains. Thank you very much Kulraj!"



"I want to say a huge thank you to Kulraj. I was in a accident involving 6 cars at 70mph. When I came to the first appointment I could barely move my neck and shoulder pain which had also trapped a nerve in my neck. Over the course of the treatment he has helped me manage the pain I was in and has made sure that the muscles relaxed. Kulraj is very knowledgeable and easy to work with, he was able to fit me in at my convenience and was a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend this clinic!!!"



"Kulraj has sorted out ongoing knee problems that I have had for years, only 4 treatments and I feel 100% more active, would highly recommend him".



"Great physio for my knee as I recover from an ACL tear! The sessions and advice from Kulraj have really helped to speed up my recovery! Highly recommend!"



"Great treatment! Really helpful and knowledgeable person! Thank you!"



"I visited Kulraj after I had a car incident which took me out of work for three weeks as my back and neck pain was so severe and he worked absolute miracles ! After the first session I was able to move my neck a lot easier and then after a few more sessions the pain had completely gone and I feel better than ever ! Would one hundred per cent recommend if you are dealing with any sort of neck, back or general muscle pain".



"Kulraj was able to help with several issues i had with my back and shoulder in a friendly and calm environment, I would highly recommend!"



"In grateful for the treatment I received on my mid / upper back area from over 3 years at a desk job. Kulraj was able to offer my appointments that suited my work schedule perfectly and gave me a lot of advice on how to change my work desk set-up to help keep my spine in a more ideal position. I feel much better as a result of it. Highly recommended".



"Very good service and quality of work. Enthusiastic and effective. Thank you".



"Kulraj is a pleasure to deal with - he is very experienced and has a friendly and approachable manner. I would have no problem in recommending him".



"Awesome! Highly recommend it".



"Due to a back injury I went to see Kulraj. Kulraj Physiotherapy was recommended by my colleague as she went to see him due to back pains. Within my first 2 visit I felt much better ( comfort and flexible). I never made much of my back pain, but after a few sessions I realised how important it is to look after your body. I Would definitely recommend Kulraj Physiotherapy because of his skills and commitment towards me".



"What a star! Kulraj really helped me with my soft muscle tissue injury. I had no luck up until now. He has made a great start on the soft tissue damage with effective results in just a couple of weeks. Thank you, keep doing what you're doing!"



"Kulraj was very pleasant and understanding and I am very happy with the treatment I received and have already recommended the clinic to friends and family. The facilities are very clean and they had a restroom available for patients which was handy".



"My lower back was really bothering me (I think from working out with free weights) so I went to see Kulraj and can honestly say I feel much better! I'm back in the gym now and working with the same weight as before without any problems. Professional, knowledgeable and very easy to work with!"



"Kulraj was really helpful in treating my back pain, I can bend and and walk with much less pain than I had before which is a real relief! I would highly recommended his services to anyone interested".



"Have to say, hard to find a good physio around. But he did a great job, well worth it.👍🏽"



"My knee was bothering me for about 4 weeks before I went to see Kulraj. Nice clinic environment, worked on my knee on first session and advised exercise to do at home. Even after the first few sessions noticed a real improvement and seems to be still going well. Highly recommended Kulraj to all!"