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I got referred to Kulraj Singh for my accident where someone hit the back of me. I first came in and had 8 treatments I could not move my neck as I was so stiff and sore. Kulraj is very happy person, easy to talk to in any conversation, really professional and always on time. I feel amazing now I am back to normal means alot to me and if it was not for Kulraj being so accomadating I would still be suffering now. I enjoy coming for phsio due to every step is a positve way up. Great guy,kind,caring,understanding and great with diffrent techniques for physio and really does make you feel 100% back to normal again!
Thanl you so much highly recommended!!

Scott Breach


"I was referred to Kulraj after my accident. I received a course of treatment and he has helped me a lot. My shoulder and neck have settled down and I’m no longer in pain. I would definitely recommend him".

Hannah Shingadia


"I was referred to Kulray at the Tavistock Clinic as a result of a vehicle accident. I received a course of physio therapy that has helped me enormously. He made me feel relaxed and engaged with the course of therapy in a friendly and professional manner. Now my sessions have come to an end I can feel the difference and would say that he is an excellent physio-therapist. Would recommend highly".

Robert Robinson


"Great guy and knows his stuffs and willing to compromise for the clients for their benefits".

Anojan Karunakaran


"Visited Kulraj after suffering acute pain. Within a month I was no longer taking medication and had improved movement within my shoulder and reduced the grinding within the socket. Can not recommend him highly enough. Thank you".

TP Grigg


"Tavistock Clinic Physiotherapy in Crawley has helped me understand the cause of my knee pain and gave me specific exercises to help improve my function and movement".

Onkaar Khela


"I visited the physiotherapy clinic after a car accident from which i was in pain for a few months. After a few therapies my neck and back pains have lessened. After the 5th physiotherapy i'm finally free of my pains. Thank you very much Kulraj!"

Melissa Glasscoe


"I want to say a huge thank you to Kulraj. I was in a accident involving 6 cars at 70mph. When I came to the first appointment I could barely move my neck and shoulder pain which had also trapped a nerve in my neck. Over the course of the treatment he has helped me manage the pain I was in and has made sure that the muscles relaxed. Kulraj is very knowledgeable and easy to work with, he was able to fit me in at my convenience and was a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend this clinic!!!"

Lee Petts


"Kulraj has sorted out ongoing knee problems that I have had for years, only 4 treatments and I feel 100% more active, would highly recommend him".

Marilyn Paston


"Great physio for my knee as I recover from an ACL tear! The sessions and advice from Kulraj have really helped to speed up my recovery! Highly recommend!"

Jaykishen Patel


"Great treatment! Really helpful and knowledgeable person! Thank you!"

Aman B


"I visited Kulraj after I had a car incident which took me out of work for three weeks as my back and neck pain was so severe and he worked absolute miracles ! After the first session I was able to move my neck a lot easier and then after a few more sessions the pain had completely gone and I feel better than ever ! Would one hundred per cent recommend if you are dealing with any sort of neck, back or general muscle pain".

Anna Haig


"Kulraj was able to help with several issues i had with my back and shoulder in a friendly and calm environment, I would highly recommend!"

Maria Finlay


"In grateful for the treatment I received on my mid / upper back area from over 3 years at a desk job. Kulraj was able to offer my appointments that suited my work schedule perfectly and gave me a lot of advice on how to change my work desk set-up to help keep my spine in a more ideal position. I feel much better as a result of it. Highly recommended".

Syed Hussain


"Very good service and quality of work. Enthusiastic and effective. Thank you".

Natasha Rangwani


"Kulraj is a pleasure to deal with - he is very experienced and has a friendly and approachable manner. I would have no problem in recommending him".

Telha Arshad


"Awesome! Highly recommend it".

Neha Daryani


"Due to a back injury I went to see Kulraj. Kulraj Physiotherapy was recommended by my colleague as she went to see him due to back pains. Within my first 2 visit I felt much better ( comfort and flexible). I never made much of my back pain, but after a few sessions I realised how important it is to look after your body. I Would definitely recommend Kulraj Physiotherapy because of his skills and commitment towards me".

Kushal Chauhan


"What a star! Kulraj really helped me with my soft muscle tissue injury. I had no luck up until now. He has made a great start on the soft tissue damage with effective results in just a couple of weeks. Thank you, keep doing what you're doing!"

Chetna Punj


"Kulraj was very pleasant and understanding and I am very happy with the treatment I received and have already recommended the clinic to friends and family. The facilities are very clean and they had a restroom available for patients which was handy".

Ikjyot Suri


"My lower back was really bothering me (I think from working out with free weights) so I went to see Kulraj and can honestly say I feel much better! I'm back in the gym now and working with the same weight as before without any problems. Professional, knowledgeable and very easy to work with!"

Risha Mahadeo


"Kulraj was really helpful in treating my back pain, I can bend and and walk with much less pain than I had before which is a real relief! I would highly recommended his services to anyone interested".

Gurpreet Bhogal


"Have to say, hard to find a good physio around. But he did a great job, well worth it.👍🏽"

Aman Bains


"My knee was bothering me for about 4 weeks before I went to see Kulraj. Nice clinic environment, worked on my knee on first session and advised exercise to do at home. Even after the first few sessions noticed a real improvement and seems to be still going well. Highly recommended Kulraj to all!"

Gazia Ijaz Mir